Suit Yourself

"Suit yourself", at ATHICA was part of the EMBEDDED group exhibition
By Kevin Hoth and Gretchen Elsner

ATHICA, Athens, GA, 2005 and

Project Description:
Ten force sensors are wired into the garment and then connected to an Analog Input Module, net worked to an Intro Module then to a computer (G4 Cube in this case) with Max/MSP. The patch simply triggers sounds that Kevin recorded or found online which are loosely related to body parts or regions where the force sensors are located with in the garment (heartbeat, shoulder crack, toilet flush, ankle snap, knee grind, throat gulp, etc.). The audio samples are heard by the wearer via head phones that are plugged into the computer. The garments are made from polyester, rayon, burlap and plastic bags from The Tate Modern Gallery, and using hardware designed by Telo from

Photography by Kevin Hoth.