She Is Always Switched On Skirt

This skirt contains eight soft switches, two diamond shaped variable resistor switches, four on/off fabric only switches in the apron, and two variable resistance switches in the gold waist band. The hem, apron and waist band are made from silk, silver, foam and polyester fabric insulating the ribbon wires, the under skirt is illustrated black-out fabric showing a crone sitting in repose beside the fire. This skirt is connected via conductive nickel-plated snaps to an eight octave circuit and speakers contained in the semi-circular sides of the apron and is touched to play music. The circuitry can be removed and the garment laundered. Also the switches could be connected to different circuitry to accomplish a wide variety of functions. This skirt pictured is a one of a kind piece and is the property of the Whispers Research Group.


Photography by Barrie Collins.