Illustrated Separates

Illustrated Portrait Shirts

Customized Portraits of People and Personalities on khaki fabric with small plush animal heads, sewn into the T-shirt of choice!
Pictured is a portrait about journaling, about posture and a mother and son.


Photography by Barrie Collins, Keith of and Vergil Kane

Froggy Woman Illustrated Skirts

Froggy Woman in all her rotund glory as illustrated time and time again on black cotton canvas weight material. Her head is always a little plush head and her body is always buxom.
Always her exploits feature her under the light of the moon, which is always the entrance to a pocket.
Always there is tulle trim around the hem and a side zipper.
The length is always just below the knee.
Sizes 4-12


The BEES in the Bustle Skirt

Black skirt with pleating around an inset oval, like a reverse bustle, in the back
Smooth front with fly zipper.
Illustration showing hands, heptagons, smoking cone and bees with beads for their bodies
Sizes 4-12


Photography by Elisa Gonzalez.

Growing and Awakening

Showing a child in the fetal position opening the eyes, then looking our from its own thighs, then jumping into the water!
Alternating sheer and solid panels of illustration
Available in sizes 4-12


Photography by Elisa Gonzalez.