"The Daily Quest for Food" Dress

Very flattering to the bust
Wrap across the shoulder collar, cap sleeves
Knee length
Side zipper
Illustrated with the woods The Daily Quest for Food and the anatomical drawing of an eye connected to a red line that wraps around and around the skirt until it arrives at a cluster of cherries at the hip.
The color is pure blue, the fabric pictured is satin, fabric choices can vary.
Available in sizes 2-10


Photography by Elisa Gonzalez. www.photogonzalez.com

Tie Dress

A form fitting dress made out of recycled men's neck ties.
Custom designed for color and fit.
Scoop back, neck snap closure


Photography by Vergil Kane

Poetry Gowns

Halter top, Drop Waist Dresses in sheer fabrics and satin velvet trim
Collage illustrated to depict Greek Mythology.
Pictured is the Poetry Gown detailing the myth of Hermaphrodites
Sizes 4-8 in a variety of colors and myths


Photography by NikiB www.nikiBphotography.com

Geometric Space Girl Dress

Geometric dress made from an oval, two rectangles and four triangles
Tactile knitted waist panel with knitted buttons like a control panel
Two pockets in the skirt
Size 4-12
Color and fabric by customer preference


Photography by Courtney Matthews