The two “Adamantium” illustrated burka curtains were created in March 2006 as costumes for a Butoh dance choreographed and performed by Ronya Lake and Matthew Romantini at The Ayden Gallery in Vancouver. Subsequently one of the curtains was displayed in The Port Moody Wearable Arts Awards and Exhibition in 2006. The dance was also performed as pictured by Ronya Lake and Gretchen Elsner at the awards ceremony. The curtains are illustrated to show the visualization of the mediation of the Butoh dance tradition. The sun is shinning down upon the head; massive trees bearing snows with the weight of centuries grow up from the shoulders. The snow melts and flows down the trees and down the body in water falls. Water collects in the belly, where a little hermit lives. The water filters through the swamp and nourishes a wheat field growing in the thighs, where there lives a little family in a little house. The feet leave their prints in the sand as you walk, impressing lightly before the waves wash them away. Both curtains are privately owned.


Photography by Dan Siney,
Photography by Michael Barrick
Photography by Devin Jain